Bia Finkielsztejn is brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro in August 1st, 1965.
Industrial Designer graduated by ESDI, moved to Israel in 1988 in the intention to continue the studies. Graduated in Textile Design by Shenkar School of Engeneering and Design, got in contact with the processes of creation and production in knitting, weaving and printting.

The graduation project “The Last Tribe” was the result of the research made in the Indian Museum in Rio de Janeiro and the elaboration of the Project in Shenkar. The collection composed by six panels in knitting was developed in electronic an handknitting machines, handycrafts knowledges in felting, dyeing processes and textiles structures. The intention was to present some possibilities of the uses of knitting for interiors, and the issue in knowledges almost “extincts” and their respectives cultures.  

The Last Tribe was later selected between the graduation projects for the exibition Matter and Spirit, at the International Simposium of Textile Art of that year (1993). In this Simposium, at Kiryat Tivon, a city of artists close to Tverias, took place artists from Poland, Romenia, United States and Israel.  Bia Finkielsztejn participated in the workshops that influenced her work till today.
Back to Brasil in 1996, worked in industries developing patterns, and as a teacher in several educational instituitions. 

Master in Design by the Living Design Investigation Laboratory (LILD), Department of Arts and  Design of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ), continues the artist work in her studio in Rio de Janeiro.

Individual Exibitions

Colective Exibitions

  • A CARA DO RIO 2007, Centro Cultural Correios, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2007).
  • ZONA OCULTA – entre o público e o privado, CEDIM, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, (2007).
  • ZONA OCULTA – entre o público e o privado, SESC - Nova Iguaçú, RJ, (2007).
  • A CARA DO RIO 2006, Centro Cultural Correios, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2006).
  • SHOW DOS ROLLING STONES – Camarins no Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2006).
  • HAPPY-ARTE II, Ateliê Beatriz Finkielsztejn, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2004).
  • UNIVERSIDARTE XII, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2004).
  • HAPPY-ARTE, Ateliê Beatriz Finkielsztejn, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2003).
  • UNIVERSIDARTE X, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2002).
  • ESQUADRO MOLDURAS GALERIA DE ARTE, Vitória da Conquista, BA (2001).
  • ARTE É NO SHOPPING – Gávea Trade Center, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2001).
  • UNIVERSIDARTE IX, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2001).
  • “TEXTILE ART – MATTER & SPIRIT, Kiryat Tivon, Israel (1993).
  • “THE LAST TRIBE” Tel-Aviv,, Israel (1993).
  • MOSTRA FOTOGRÁFICA, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (1985).
  • “CAMINHOS”, ESDI, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (1984).

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