A nice meeting between culture and wine Read more here
  • The studio Bia Finkielsztejn realiza wine tasting managed by the enófilo José Hodara.
    The wine tasting is harmonized with cheeses and sauceages.
    Finaly, the sweets are presented with a desert wine.
    José Hodara coments about all wines tasted and offers us basic notions of tasting and harmonization. Questions can be done about the theme during meeting.  
    Bia Finkielsztejn: (021)2513-3160
    José Hodara: (021)8181-0688

  • Symposium shows (Vestígios)No chão e (Vestígios)Da Despintura.
  • The Works (Vestígios)No chão e (Vestígios)Da Despintura that composed the exibition Vestígios, are shown now at Simposium, in Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro.  Contacts trough the number (021) 2205-3122, between 12:00 pm. and 20:00 pm.

  • Bia’s work shown at the dressing rooms of the Rolling Stones during tourney of the band in Rio. Tribuna da Imprensa - Caderno BIS Read more here

  • Quase Zen e Abstratos da Urca 3 shown in ZONA OCULTA 2007.
  • “Quase Zen” is one of the works shown in “Pretextos”, exibition that expressed a process that began before the academic education, passed trough the years living abroad, and continues till de period of return to Rio de Janeiro.
    “Quase Zen” is one of the “Pretextos” (“Excuses”) of the artist to make her painting: in the intention to paint, day-by-day objects and figures balance trough the transparencies.
    The fragmented images conduct the observer to conect to a unperceived memory, but familiar. The observer is invited to experience the difference between observe, watch and see.

    “Abstratos da Urca 3” presents architecture details perceived trough the abstractions cauth from landscapes.
    The handymade process of construction of the photographic equipment (“pinhole”) and the utilization of the digital technology in reproduction of images by the process of “vitroimagem”, pass trough several photographic paths.
    Here, the utilization of glass as a support, move us toward the origins of Photography, and conjugates art and technology. Conjugates in a ludic way, history and story.